Policies and Fees

Joan M. Stewart, LCSW strives to offer the utmost in service and professionalism. The following services and fees are congruent with her levels of education and experience.
Initial Session/Client Intake Session – $150 (90mins)
Face-to-face counseling sessions – $100 per hour
Phone counseling – $100 per hour, prorated according to length of conversation
Professional letter fee (non-legal; i.e. school, work, referral, etc) – $60
Legal matters (attorney consultations, court work/appearances, legal documentation, etc.) – $150-$300 per hour
Email and text-based consultations are subject to appropriate fees in keeping with phone consultation and/or professional letter fee guidelines. General communications related to appointment scheduling and non-clinical matters are not billed.
* Fees may vary due to time, circumstance, or other factors. Such variations will be discussed with clients in advance of service and/or billing.
Payment and Insurance
All fees are paid directly to Joan M. Stewart, LCSW as your service provider, and are due at time of service, or at time of billing if a bi-monthly or monthly payment plan is arranged.
Upon request, we will provide relevant information (session codes, diagnostic/CPT codes, provider information, etc.) that are necessary for you to file with your insurance company.
Insurance collections do not affect payment and are the sole responsibility of the client. You, the client, are responsible for all direct dealings with your insurance provider should you choose to file a claim for insurance reimbursement benefits. Reimbursement amounts vary by company and type of coverage. Payment to your therapist is not affected by the timing or amount of your insurance benefits.

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